Khai Asia Pearl


Khai Asia Pearl is a business that sells Southsea Pearl and Freshwater Pearl-made high-quality jewelry for both men and women. They aim to provide the best, genuine pearl and gemstone jewelry around and to offer a more natural alternative when it comes to accessories.

What We Did

  • Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Photoshoot

They wanted to maintain simplicity and elegance within the campaigns. Bearing this in mind, our team made use of elegant fonts alongside neutral tones to compliment the pearls or a dark background to make the pearls standout. They also incorporated clever wordplay to increase the campaigns’ creativity.

This simple but still elegant theme they wanted is what we decided to integrate in the rest of the content and visuals we created for them, making sure that the pearls were always the center of attention in creative displays.

Just like with their visual copies, when it came to the photos we took of their jewelry products, we made use of simple and bright or dark backgrounds in order to make the pearls truly standout.

They also wanted us to produce a video that highlighted all the rest of their products. Our team used the same background techniques they did with their static visuals and shot a 20-second jewelry reel that also incorporated this elegant background music which completely sealed the deal.